Script Assist 16.4
  • New drugs are marked Generic by default when pulling a drug not marked Brand from the DUR.
  • Standardized release notes for all products
  • Label Designer: Fixed the ability to hard code position and size values
  • Queue improvements for increased performance and reduced server load
  • Transfers can now pull recent pharmacy addresses based on partial information
  • Medicare Part D Eligibility Check has been simplified and moved to a button in the patient ribbon
  • Fixed: Daily report was only printing many empty pages
  • Improved batch processing insurance claims
  • Implemented password changes to meet higher standards and more rigorous security needs
Script Assist 16.3
  • Work on update deployment modules
  • Fixed: Compound Ingredients carried over to Script Assist were incorrect
  • Batch refill printing fixes
  • Facility Batch Refill improvements
  • Add option for signature to 1) Mark Prescription as picked up or 2) Required before prescription can be picked up or 3) Independent of pickup
  • Control windows and tab names now reflect whether you're creating a new record or editing an existing one
  • Messages from Prescription Assist in the queue show patient name, drug name, and (for refills) Rx number
  • Added Split Rx to 30 day supply button
  • Date Sold is now updated when an Rx is paid or picked up
  • Quick Search now remembers the last search of each type
  • Multiple Compound Assist integration improvements
  • Patient profile now disables/enables buttons based on if they can be used on a given selection
Script Assist 16.2
  • Price Update improvements, including the ability to update all prices synchronously
  • Database Update Wizard auto-fills default Server and Password
  • Improved matching is search for generics.
  • Patient profile image fixes
  • Color inactive drugs yellow in Generic search
  • RXs created from Prescription Assist now offer generics if they're available
  • Add new drug by NDC; if the NDC is not found, the AddDrug form launches but without any junk info
  • Fixed: Prescription ribbon would load up even when logged out, after a while of inactivity
  • Drug search now sorts drugs with search terms at the beginning of the description over those which have the term just somewhere
  • Patient profiles loading from recent items was broken and has been fixed
  • Patient profile look-back days are now distinct from medication look-back days and can be set seperately
  • Canceling advanced options no longer saves changes to advanced options after basic options are saved
  • Fix for Refill Request quantities
  • Prescriber lookup now fills in doctor information for existing doctor as well
  • Print DUR button on interactions screen is not disabled anymore
  • Fixed: ScriptAssist was using far too much of the system resources right after login
  • Layouts are now stored in the database per-user
  • Alt-F4 now offers to close Script Assist as per windows standards
  • Claim processing fixes
  • Improper Compound Segment Validation when processing insurance has been fixed
  • Fixed: RSI not starting with Script Assist
  • Fixed: NDC and AWP info was not pulling correctly from Compound Assist
  • Formula ID added as a field option for labels
  • License Manager handles dates better
  • Now less dependent on the Management Server App running on the server
  • Patient, Drug, and Doctor information is filled in when creating new records on a Rx created from a SureScripts messages
  • Added an alert when Control Number is not set on a Control 2 drug Rx
Script Assist 16.1
  • Batch Queue Monitor fixed and updated
Prescription Assist 16.4
  • Fix for NCPDP unit codes
  • Filters clear when switching message boxes, and after five minutes of inactivity
  • Improved handling when unable to connect to the message server
  • Added option to auto-logout after a period of inactivity
  • Messages are checked without login, but new message alert doesn't display patient info unless a user is logged in.
  • Now requires user login by a Script Assist user with permission to use Prescription Assist.
Prescription Assist 16.3
  • Mousing over signature icons gives more detailed information
  • Certified for handling controlled substance prescriptions electronically
  • Added an option to skip asking to print prescription when transferring to Script Assist
Prescription Assist 16.2
  • Licensing system has been modified
  • All incoming messages are stored in the database before processing to guard against message handling errors.
  • Double-clicking on a message opens the message print preview
  • Better database updates specific to Prescription Assist
  • Distinguished between messages read on the server vs. read in the software
  • Better handling of multiple computers checking for messages, to avoid errors when trying to read the same message multiple times.
Compound Assist 16.4
  • Issues with Chemical Lots in Formula Logs
Compound Assist 16.3
  • Adding Chemical Lot to Formula Log Entry Report results in no results
Compound Assist 16.2
  • Log should deduct ingredient weight instead of quantity.